With over a decade of writing experience, I've learned the content journey is always more complex than you think. 

Here's how I can help:

  • First I document the holistic user experience.
  • Then I craft thoughtful research questions to explore the motivations of readers' behavior. 
  • Finally I design content based on your readers' goals. I'll work with all stakeholders involved to define metrics for success. 

If you want to work together, get in touch 😊 

UX Research

Good content starts with thoughtful research. I have experience synthesizing different types of research studies to find new insights, ask good questions, and make smart content recommendations.

Information Architecture

I love creating order out of chaos. Based on feedback and testing, I'll look for ways to improve taxonomy, navigation, and the hierarchy of information on a page.

UX Writing

With a beginner's mindset, I love to learn, explore, and question everything. Then I document concepts clearly with just the right amount of detail. I have over a decade of experience writing for a global audience.

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