Megan Driscoll

content design | service design | user research | UX strategy | information architecture | technical writing | content operations

I'm a designer who loves words 💌 

  • Creating style guides, templates, and tools to scale consistently
  • Conducting user research and testing concepts, wireframes, and prototypes
  • Running stakeholder alignment and prioritization exercises
  • Designing workflows with cross-functional teams
  • Advocating for clear, actionable, and accessible content
  • Sharing relevant insights between teams to create more cohesion

A few example projects 👀

Self-service help redesign

Implemented improvements to layout, search, and information architecture resulting in highly positive sentiment and increased traffic to a wider range of self-service resources.

See the case study


Plain language training

Designed an interactive training to teach our design team plain language basics, while making it fun.

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SEO tool microcopy

Improved multiple unclear language patterns to decrease support tickets and increase customer satisfaction.

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Content and messaging guide

Created a content and messaging guide for World IA Day Pittsburgh with a glossary, key messages for each audience, and content templates for multiple content surfaces.

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Design manager documentation audit

When faced with our biggest product update ever, I audited existing documentation and creates a plan to simplify and improve the content.

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Provided a clear and informative new user experience to increase adoption and activation of a new feature.

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World IA Day Pittsburgh 2019-2022

Outside of work I enjoy sharing art, yoga, and music on my personal website Vinyasa Yoga Beats

More about me

I'm an art major turned content designer who loves to make things. I leverage research and evidence to be a champion for user needs. I thrive on helping others and being a connector 🐝

Outside of work I share yoga, public playlistsoriginal artwork and a monthly newsletter on my personal website Vinyasa Yoga Beats.

You can get in touch on my website or say hello on Linkedin.