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While updating the knowledge base for HubSpot's SEO recommendations tool, I noticed that the microcopy in the UI was inconsistent. So I created some documentation to share with the Product team to spark a conversation about the way recommendations were phrased.

  • In the example below, a user who reads Add get started to the title could easily think this is an instruction for them to complete. But instead, this phrase is being used to tell the user that this item has already been completed.

    • By requiring the reader to code switch between different recommendations, it creates unnecessary cognitive load for the reader.

  • There were also multiple SEO recommendations for the same feature.
    • For example, there were 3 separate recommendations related to the page’s meta description, and 4 recommendations about the title.
    • The team hypothesized that this might be related to a perception among customers that improving their SEO takes too much time.


I proposed two solutions for the inconsistent copy:

  1. Rephrase recommendations to reflect whether or not they're completed
  2. Make all of the recommendations consistent statements

I provided example copy for both solutions to help the team visualize what both options would entail.

Our developer recommended using consistent statements to simplify the code for the feature. So I collaborated with the Product Manager, Tech Lead, and Support Expert to update the UI copy to direct statements. 

Then I collaborated with the UX designer to group related recommendations. This way, users would see a shorter list, and all the related recommendations can be viewed in one place.


The UI copy changes resulted in 75% positive sentiment in user feedback with very low negative sentiment. Support ticket volume for analyzing SEO recommendations also fell by 38% 😊

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