Megan Driscoll

content design | service design | user research | UX strategy | information architecture | technical writing | content operations

World IA Day Pittsburgh

From 2019-2021, I worked with my local organizing team to create content guidelines, and design a strategy for building an online Slack community.

Before our first team meeting, I audited historical content from our team Google drive and different public channels. I removed inaccurate or duplicate content, and distilled key messages.


I worked with 2 co-chairs from my local organizing team to plan a retreat to brainstorm our goals for the year. To create useful content to meet the needs of our audience, we co-designed 3 workshops.

On the day of our retreat, I facilitated workshop 1 about defining our target audience and how we want to speak to them. During the other activities and discussions, I took notes and synthesized our findings and content needs.

  • Workshop 1: brainstorm the interests and goals of each audience.
  • Workshop 2: brainstorm our own priorities as event organizers.
  • Workshop 3: break out into smaller groups to brainstorm and prioritize deliverables.


  • We had three audiences to support with our new content: speakers, sponsors, attendees, and volunteers.
  • I identified milestones for each audience in the event experience to map out a timeline of events.

  • I created a content toolkit in Airtable with resources, key terminology, and templates for each audience.
  • This made it easier for our team to do outreach independently in a consistent voice and tone.



  • Consistent voice and tone are applied to all the messaging for our target audiences.
  • Social media posting was automated through HubSpot based on our agreed-upon content calendar.
  • Evergreen templates are ready to use for the same conference milestones in the years ahead.